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Born in the USA, TiDi Apparel was forged with the vision of providing premium quality athletic apparel on the cutting-edge of technology, design and efficiency. Our products are designed with the highest standards of quality and we cater to the most demanding standards for both frequent use and durability.

Our mission starts with revolutionizing the look, feel and functionality of athletic apparel with a focus on sporting uniforms. We began with youth soccer organizations, clubs and schools with a focus on paying attention to the needs of each club, to provide them with the customized look and functionality they need. Our deep understanding of the business side of soccer comes with being part of a sports management group that runs its own youth club and a professional team which gives us the advantage of knowing exactly what soccer clubs and teams of all levels need and can benefit from.

TiDi has now expanded into all sports and athletic apparel with an unbeatable quality and unmatched pricing. With a style and innovation that appeals to everyone especially the Millennials, TiDi is a brand in high demand and quickly becoming a household name. Our attractive styles and the ability to customize any order helps us continue to gain customers and expand the TiDi family all over the world.

We invite you to be a part of planet TiDi where your possibilities are endless. Think it - Do it and live into your purpose!

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